Friday, August 13, 2004

No Poo in this Post

I just caught Lilly doing something rather amusing.

I had made some fairy bread toast for the kids for their afternoon tea and I hadn't yet put the margarine or hundreds and thousands away.

Caitie and I were sitting in the lounge when I realised I wasn't sure where Lilly was, and she being awfully quiet - a recipe for disaster I can assure you.

Then I heard it. A small sound from the direction of the kitchen. She had given her position away! I quietly snuck towards the door and peeped in to see her standing on a chair that she had pushed up against the bench. She had removed her pants and was busily smearing her legs and bare buttocks with margarine.

Next she grabbed the hundreds and thousands shaker and tried to sprinkle them onto the margarine on her legs.

That's about the time I started giggling.

Seriously, I have strange children.

Lilly likes to poo on the carpet.

This is the face of a child who likes to poo on the floor.

It seems like every second day that Caitie comes running up to me yelling "Mum Mum it's an EMERGENCY!". Lilly likes to take off her pants and her nappy you see. Even though it's winter and her little legs and feet get bloody cold. A nappyless child wandering around on carpet.. I'm sure you can imagine the fun I have.

Usually Caitie yells "Mum Mum it's an EMERGENCY!" and I go in there with some toilet paper and I pick up the poop and I chuck it in the loo (hooray for solid kiddy poop) and lecture Lilly on how she should go sit on the potty if she feels like doing poos and she agrees by saying "yeah!" and then she'll go sit on the potty and give me one of those big cheesy grins and then a minute later she will lose interest and wander off.

But not today. Today was different.

This morning Caitie came hopping up to me and said "Mummy I've stepped on something" so I looked at the bottom of her foot and saw a brown smear. "Is that poo?" I asked her. "Yes" she said.

She thought she remembered where she had stepped in it so she led me into her bedroom and pointed. Alas, that was the location of the poo we discovered last night as we put the kids to bed (Lilly is a stealth pooper and if Caitie or I don't catch her at it then she will quietly leave her deposit to be discovered by somebody else later).

Thus began the great poo hunt.

We checked the playroom first because that's a room that tends to promote a lot of crouching as they play on the floor, but there was no poo to be found. (By the way I did wipe the poop off of Caitie's foot with a baby wipe right after she showed me - just in case you were thinking I'd left it there and was still making her hop around the house). So next we headed to the loungeroom and there in the centre of the floor, on a piece of paper was a big poop.

I went and tipped it in the loo and then I threw the paper away. Caitie was most upset about the paper being thrown away. She had been going to make something with it apparently.

Then I came back into the room and noticed some more little mysterious brown chunks on the floor near the tv. The open box of Chocolate flavoured Wiggles ABC Letter Biscuits lay nearby. Were they small nuggets of poo, or were they delicious tasty biscuits? How could I be sure?

So I grabbed a trusty popstick from the useful box and I gave them a poke. They were Biscuits! Thank goodness.

And thus concludes today's poopy adventure.