Thursday, November 25, 2004


This morning Caitie did the most impressive fart I have heard issue from the bottom of a small child.

She was sitting on the floor in front of the telli watching Bear in the Big Blue House (wearing no pants of course, these kids often choose to pursue the nudist lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.. actually anywhere I'll let them get away with it) when suddenly there was an explosive rumbling sound and I swear the floor vibrated.

I looked over to her and she was hunched over, peering under her bottom (I think she was checking to see if there was any follow through) and then she started giggling and she said "I did fartybums.. it scared me!!"

I probably should have reminded her to excuse herself, but I'm afraid I was too busy laughing.

If she had been wearing underpants I bet there would have been a comical hole ripped in the arse of them!

Friday, November 19, 2004

copy and paste

JelliBean> also I have no presnt for you yet
JelliBean> it didn't not arrive in the mail today :/
Philgone> BITCH! :P
Philgone> it didn't not arrive?
Philgone> so it.. did.. arrive
JelliBean> hehe oops darn typos
JelliBean> I meant did not
JelliBean> I am wrestling Lilly
Chug> In jelly?
JelliBean> cos she keeps putting her arms down the front of my shirt to grab my nipples
Chug> hehe
JelliBean> and then she yells BOOBIES and giggles lots
Philgone> that is the best story I have heard all day

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Stop, thief!

Lilly just tried to make a break for it, well either that or she was trying to steal my shoes.

I went out to check the letterbox and she shuffled out behind me wearing my shoes. She shuffled all the way down the driveway to the letterboxes with me.

Our neighbour was outside loading her car and after a few called out pleasantries I turned around to see Lilly heading off down the street. Admittedly she hadn't actually quite reached the road, but still, she was OFF!! As fast as her little shuffly, giant shoe wearing feet could take her!

When I yelled "Oi Lilly STOP!" she gained even more speed.

I don't know if you have ever seen a small child trying to run while they are wearing grown up shoes, but trust me, it's pretty darn funny :P

And now for a picture totally unrelated to my story..