Friday, February 04, 2005

Mmm, Delicious!

The girls got a little toy microwave for Christmas. It's battery operated, and when you turn it on the little light comes on inside and the turntable rotates. It's great! It came with a variety of pretendy food, that you can "chop up" using the little knife and cutting board that came with it (through the magic of velcro dots).

They both love it and play with it often, so a few minutes ago when I walked into the playroom to see what the kids were up to and found Lilly playing with it I thought nothing of it.

30 seconds later the little pink microwave went ding, and she opened up the little door and pulled out the little toy plate.

"Lilly did you just cook poo in your microwave?"

She then pulled her "that's disgusting" face, but I wasn't fooled. I don't think she was disgusted at all!

Yes that's right, she pooped on a teeny tiny little toy plate, and then she COOKED it!

Who knows how it would have ended if I hadn't been there to yell at her and briskly carry the poo off to the toilet to be flushed...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is the coprophilia inherited from Jason or Mel's side of the family?

Or both?