Monday, March 22, 2004

Toilet Paper

I just had some birthday fun! (yes today is my birthday).

I was walking past the potty when I noticed that it was full of liquid poo (ew). I wasn't overly surprised since yesterday was her birthday and she ate lots of cakes and lollies and things.

So anyway I grabbed the potty to empty it and yelled out to Caitie to come quick and get her bum wiped, but she didn’t come. I ended up yelling at her to hurry up and when she wandered in I turned her around and realised her bum was already clean and there was no poo smears inside her dress.. so I asked her what she had wiped her bum with and she said “a blanket”.. It turned out to be a baby wrap that she had been using in her toy cradle (at least it wasn't the teddy bear the blanket was wrapped around).

It was fairly gross but at least there wasn’t poo on different chairs/the floor/cushions (etc.) through the house. I'd rather wash one baby blankie than all of the furniture.

I told her good girl for wiping, but next time come tell Mummy and I’ll get you some toilet paper.

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