Wednesday, February 25, 2004

More about wee.

I think Lilly may have just done a wee in the potty!!

I can't be 100% certain because Caitie informs me that she had already done a wee in the potty before I found Lilly sitting on it (it's great that she wees in the potty, but I wish she'd remember to come tell me after she does it so I can go flush it. I once found a potty 3/4 full of wee and it had been less than an hour since I last checked it, that kid is a piddle pup I tells ya!).

Anyway, back to Lilly. I was sitting here and heard a liquidy splashing sound. When I turned to look I saw Lilly sitting on the potty with a big grin on her face.

It's very exciting! She's only 12 and a half months old! If we do it right then soon I won't have to change any nappies at all!! (after 3 years of constant nappy changing this idea is sounding bloody brilliant!)


Anonymous said...

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Melli said...

This is a badly written 6 year old post about one of my children doing a wee in the potty when she was a baby... and you enjoyed it?

Anonymous said...

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