Monday, February 23, 2004

Floor POO! Most Unexpected.

Not more than 5 minutes ago I was quietly sitting here at the desk writing a list. Caitie happily watching Play School beside me, and Lilly happily emptying the bookshelf behind me (as she does). When suddenly I detected that unmistakable fragrance of baby excrement.

[flashback to half an hour ago] Caitie rips off her undies as she runs for the potty, Lilly watching closely proceeds to remove her nappy. "How cute", I think to myself, "She's trying to be just like her big sister".

[back to the present] I slowly rotate my chair to see Lilly surrounded by a pile of paperback novels. Perhaps I was mistaken, maybe she just farted. I get up to look. I can definitely smell poopies. So I lift up a book. Anne McCaffrey's "The White Dragon" will never be the same again.

Luckily this was the only casualty (Besides the carpet).

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to phone Mum to ask how much it will cost to have the entire house tiled.

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