Monday, February 23, 2004


Yesterday Lilly tried to hand me some poo.

I took off her wet nappy and went to get a new one, but I got side tracked and flopped down on the bed for a minute. She wandered in and started talking to herself in the mirror (as she does).

As I was lying there a strange smell assaulted my nose. It was a poopy kind of smell and I was fairly certain that it was not from my bottom. My first thought was "oh no, Caitie is bringing me her potty again!", but when I sat up she was nowhere to be seen.

My attention turned to Lilly.

Lilly who was holding something in her hand as she headed out the door. "What have you got Lill?" I asked her. She turned to look at me with a huge, beaming smile upon her face, she held out her hand to me and said "Ta!" (which is what she says when she wants to hand me something)

Thank goodness she didn't decide to draw on the walls with it.

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