Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teacher Gifts 2010

I have just finished the girls teacher gifts for this year, it's only the second last day of school tomorrow.  No hurry.

The idea for these was shamelessly stolen from here.  Their one was much classier looking than mine, but I was trying hard to just use what I had instead of buying more stuff.
The M's here are upside down W's.  There's been a bit of a shortage of M's in my box since I made a big pile of Mum cards for the Mothers Day stall at school a couple of years ago.

They're filled with hand sanitizer, a variety of paperclips, push pins, mini pegs, silicone bands, glass bead magnets (that I made), cute mini tape and choccies.

I was divvying up a couple of little stationery sets, so I went with reds/pinks in one box and blues/whites in the other.  Not that I kept the theme going when it came to putting in the chocolates.

Unfortunately all of the chocolates from the big box of Cadbury's favourites that I bought would not fit, so we have been forced to eat them ourselves.
 The M in the Mrs is another upside down W.  I'll probably run out of W's soon too.
I actually went and put a couple more choccies in this box after I looked at this photo and decided that the squares down the bottom looked too empty.  I let the girls put the chocolates in themselves, and I suspect she was trying to maximise the number of leftovers.

So there you go.  I think they turned out rather nicely.

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