Sunday, December 05, 2010

Yet another Buttercup Bag!

This one was for an 8 year old girls birthday.  

I used some of the black cotton drill I had left over from Mike's cushions for the top of the bag and the strap. 

And the matching coin purse is based on the gathered clutch tutorial from Noodlehead.  It's pretty much just a mini version of the clutch without card pockets or anything inside.
The bag is lined with spotty blue fabric that matched the blue flowers on the outer fabric.  I wanted to use pink, but couldn't find the right one, and then it turned out I had nice spotty pink fabric squished in between some other fabrics the whole time, so I used that inside the purse.

In hindsight, I probably should have done the strip on the front of the purse with the black and lined it with the same blue, but it's too late now!

Oooh and my stupid iron put grubby marks on the purse too.  It's a $10 one from Crazy Clarks that I've had for yeeeears.  Maybe I should get a new one.

We filled the bag with the obligatory pair of sunnies, a little bracelet/necklace kit, and a sparkly headband.  I would have made her some hairclips too but I ran out of time.

So there you go, another Buttercup Bag.

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