Sunday, November 28, 2010

A bag for my cousin

My cousin Rachel turned 19 yesterday and we were invited to her parents place for afternoon tea today to celebrate.  Normally we just give the cousins cards on their birthdays, but I had nothing to do this morning and felt like making something.. so I made her a buttercup bag!

Too bad I didn't take a decent photo of it before I gave it to her
 It's made with quite a heavy striped black/grey denim.  My brother was given a bolt of it for some reason ages ago, and he was nice enough to pass some on to me. 

I lined it with some hot pink/black fabric.  The denim makes the bag hold it's shape quite nicely so I didn't bother with any interfacing.
The only issue I had was top stitching around the top of the bag.  My machine did not enjoy that at all.  I ended up having to do it half a cm further down than I normally would have because I couldn't get the machine to feed it through evenly higher up.  My walking foot was making quite the clunking noise as it went too.

I think maybe I need a new machine with more grunt!  Right Jase? :P

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