Saturday, November 06, 2010

Another Girls Birthday Present

Caitie asked me to make a bag for her friends birthday next week, so naturally I decided to make her a Buttercup Bag.

I let Caitie choose the fabric, so we ended up with a bright pink flowery cord on the outside and a contrasting blue fabric with little white fishes on the inside.

The matching wallet was made using this tutorial from bluebirdswing.  I made a small boo boo when I was cutting the outer fabric, accidentally cut it half an inch short, so had to adjust everything else accordingly.

I also had a minor issue with the top stitching.  The middle section with the zip and the card slots was way too fat to go under my walking foot, so I ended up just doing a U of stitching around either end and left the middle section as it was.
It's not a bad wallet, has 6 card slots, a zippered coin pouch, a place for notes behind that, and a receipt pocket.  I'd probably go for a different fabric selection if I make myself one though :P

Actually it's probably too bad I didn't accidentally cut it a bit narrower too, because it's a bit snug in the bag.  But at least it wasn't too big to fit at all! 

So now I guess I'll make some hairclips etc to go with it!

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