Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mother's Day Sewing

Yes I realise that Mother's Day was months ago, but I forgot to show everyone all the things I made!

The P&C at school was having a fundraising raffle for Mother's Day, so I made a few things to donate for that, and I also made something for my Mum, and something for my Nan.

First I made some fabric buckets.  I stuck with fabric I had lots of and didn't mind losing because there was no guarantee they were going to be won by people who were going to appreciate them.  I didn't want to waste anything too good so Ikea fabric it was.  And that stripey denim I was given for free after somebody gave my brother a big bolt of it!

The big one in the middle was made using a soft fabric basket tutorial I found on michael miller fabrics (that link goes directly to the pdf file of the tutorial).  I seem to recall I made a boo boo with the handles, but we won't mention that.  And the two smaller ones were based on this lovely tutorial from pippijoe.

And then I thought I'd make some keyfobs.  I did a bunch of googling and decided this tutorial at u create looked the best.  I didn't worry about buying proper clips for them though, just used some D rings and split rings I had already.

This was the first one that I made.. which I liked so much I promptly put on my own keys and then showed all my friends and told them how fobulous I was (and I'm still totally fobulous in case you're wondering)

And these are the ones I donated for the raffle.  I had to use some of my nicer fabrics for these because there was only a limited selection of ribbon of the right width in my ribbon tin and I had to try to match it.
The button one with the rainbow ribbon is my favourite!

Next up is the present I made for my own Mother.  She told me she wanted some kind of handbag organiser so after much hunting around for a free tutorial and not finding anything I liked, I ended up buying this pattern from You Can Make This.

 I deliberately sewed less pockets than the instructions said, so that each one would be a little bigger.  Some of my Mum's cancer treatment has damaged the nerves in her hands so she is not as dextrous as she used to be.
 And this is how it looked full of random crap from my bag, and with a totally fobulous key fob clipped to it!

 And then there's this cushion I made for my Grandmother. She probably didn't need it, but I've fancied making a cushion with a name on for ages so she got one!

And that was that!

I've made a bunch of other stuff in the last few months but I seem to have neglected to take photos before I gave things away again.  Oops.


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