Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Car Mat for my nephew

So I haven't put any of my craft on here for a while.  My bad.  Time for some catch up posts!

By the way, before we start looking at these photos I would appreciate it if you could just pretend that I had mopped my floor before taking them. Look at those sparkling clean tiles on the floor in your kids lounge room you could say! :P

So anyway, this is the car play mat that I made for my nephew for Christmas!

The idea came from here.   They don't give you much in the way of measurements so I just guessed how big to make it.

I also decided to add a little house instead of the pond.
As you can see, there is a monkey in the house.
The back is cord with construction pictures printed on it that I got from a remnant bin, but it wasn't quite big enough so I put a panel of chequered cotton in. I also had long ribbons that could be tied in bows like the one on the fiskars site, but I didn't like how they looked so I cut those shorter and added velcro.
And this is it all rolled up with cars in the pockets, ready to wrap.

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