Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fold up Bread Basket

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So, at some point early this year I made a little housewarming gift for some friends of ours when we went to visit them at their new house.  It's a fold up bread basket, with a little cloth that you can wrap around the bread when you want it covered.

I.. think I put a layer of batting in between the cotton lining and the sturdier exterior fabric.  Honestly I can't remember..

Ikea fabric on the outside.  When you untie the ties it is a flat square you can just fold up and shove in a drawer.

Naturally I filled this brand new bread basket with freshly baked dairy free choc chip muffins.  The purple you can see is the napkin I put under them so they didn't mess up the lining.

And this is how it looked all ready to go..
I seem to recall I made a minor boo boo when I was drawing the curves on the corners of the lining so the gap is a little bigger than I intended when it's all folded over, you can see some muffins poking out of the corners.. but I don't think that's a huge problem.

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