Thursday, July 07, 2011

Handbag Organiser Rolls and Coffee Cozys

Catch up post #3!

I have the tutorials for these bookmarked somewhere, I'll add the links when I find them!

These were gifts for a friend of ours, and one of my cousins.  And I have since made myself a handbag organiser roll too, very handy!

 On the left is a handbag organiser roll all folded up and empty, on the right is a coffee cup cozy.
 This is the organiser all laid out flat.  It's basically just a long strip with pockets of various sizes to put all your bits and bobs in.  There's one big long one for a wallet, and smaller ones for your phone etc.
 And this is how it looks with some random stuff from my handbag in it.
 The Coffee Cozy has insul-brite in it so no burnt fingers.. in theory, I've never actually tested it.  PS. Lets pretend that this glass that I used in this action shot was sparkling clean, not the one I was guzzling coke from while I was sewing.
Note the matching self cover buttons.  I love those things!

And these are the ones I made for my cousin.. I think.  Maybe I got that mixed up.  Nevermind, doesn't matter who owns it!

Do you like my hand drawing of a coffee cup?  Presentation! :P
I also put little rectangles of cardboard in each pocket of the roll with labels of suggested items for each pocket.  Blogger seems to think this photo should be sideways, I have given up arguing with it.  Just turn your head :P

And apparently I never took a photo of my one.  It looks just like those, but it has cute ikea animal fabric inside instead.  Very handy indeed!

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