Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hermione Costume

The middle child wanted a Hermione costume for her magic themed school assembly.  Naturally she decided to tell me this on Monday afternoon. The assembly was on Thursday.

I think we did okay though!

The cardigan, tights and hat she already owned.  The black shoes belong to her sister.  The white button up is mine.  The skirt came from a trip to the op shop on Tuesday (it cost me $3).  I made the tie and wand myself.

I was hoping to find a gold tie that I could add stripes to at the op shop but they had none, luckily I did find a gold pillowcase for $1 that I promptly cut up.

I used this Little Boys Tie pattern from The Purl Bee (although I do admit I did far less hand sewing than they did).

I cut out the pattern first, and then used masking tape to block out the gold stripes.  Those red stripes are an entire little tube of crimson fabric paint from a box of paints I've had in the cupboard for ages.  I almost didn't have enough to do the whole tie, so that's why there are a couple of patches where it's a bit light on.
The wand was made using paper and hot glue!  I followed these brilliant instructions.  It turned out really well, although there are a couple of spots with dodgy paint.  It's a bit of a dodgy brown because I didn't have any brown paint.  I had to mix it up using a combination of red, yellow and lavender.. Plus I was trying to do it in a hurry late at night, so didn't wait for each coat of paint to completely dry before I did the next one.  It turns out that not quite dry paint rubs off.  Crazy! ;)

All up, I spent $4.  Not bad.

If she'd given me more time I would have sewed a robe too!

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