Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Box is Stuffed

The Christmas Child box is now all packed and ready to go and I must say I had a lot of fun making things to go in it this year.

I think I did pretty well covering all the "somethings"
  • Something to Love - The doll (plus her clothes).
  • Something for School - The pencil case full of lead pencils, a sharpener and erasers plus a note pad to write in.
  • Something to Wear - The dress.
  • Something to Play With - A wind up torch, a yoyo, a box of chalk (plus the doll!).
  • Something for Personal Hygiene - A face washer, a toothbrush and a comb.
  • Something Special - The drawing bag with a drawing pad and wind ups, and hair clips.

I used my many years of intensive Tetris training to get everything stuffed into the box.

And then I had to find some rubber bands to hold the lid closed, because it wasn't going to stay shut on its own.

Now I just need to make my donation and drop it off.  The best part is that this year if you donate online you get a tracking code so we'll know which country it goes to!  I think the kids are really going to get a kick out of that part :)

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