Friday, October 01, 2010

Up to date!

I just spent far too long hunting out photos of things I've made so I could put them on here, I suspect I've missed some things, but for the purposes of being able to say that this blog is up to date with all the things I've been making in the last couple of years.. that's everything! :P

No wait, I just remembered this birthday outfit that I made for Geni and then failed to get in a single decent photo (because her Daddy was supposed to be taking photos while I was doing party food and junk).
I used fusible webbing to put a big number 2 and a couple of cupcakes on a plain bonds tshirt.  And I made that skirt with cupcake fabric and spotty dotty fabric.  The photo below was when I was testing the size on her, before I put pink ric rac around the top tier.

Okay.. now I think that's everything :P

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