Friday, October 01, 2010

Geeky things that I have made

First up is a Companion Cube that I made for my husbands 30th birthday last year.

I pondered how I wanted to construct it for a while, and then decided it would be easiest to just cover an existing cube with nerdiness.  So I went out and bought a Feet Seat, and then set to work.

I used polar fleece because it's stretchy and doesn't fray.  There are 6 panels, each heart and corner piece are lightly padded with hobby fill.
The following photo was taken before it had a base or rear panel.  I was finishing it the night before his birthday and ran out of the cotton so had to give it to him as it was.
 I couldn't find a long enough zip, so I ended up using two zips that meet in one corner on the base so I can take the cover off to wash it.  One of these days I will take a photo of the finished cube.  We've only been putting our feet on it for over a year!

Next up is this question mark cushion I made for a friend of ours for his 30th birthday.. lots of little 1.5" squares sewn together.  And then quilted by stitching in the ditch around the main elements.

And I also made a Zelda cushion for another friends 30th birthday


Nothing says 30 years old like a nerdy cushion right?

And then there were my Lemmings, made from Ikea melty beads.  I had to improvise some colours in the chute and their home because there wasn't enough variety in the jar, (I had to use purple for grey etc.)  but you can't really tell from a distance!

They're never going to make it :P
And this is the Hearthstone cushion I made for my hubby for his birthday this year.  My youngest no longer naps during the day so the criteria was quick, easy and suitably nerdy.

I think that covers all the nerdy things I have made in the last couple of years!

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